Male Pubic Hair Removal

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  1. There’s something unsettling about an adult altering his appearance to look like a pre-pubescent child. Pubic and arm pit hair serve an iindicate to a prospective mate that you are both sexually mature and healthy. This isn’t to say you can’t trim it up a bit, but if your prospective partner has to ask for your ID to prove you’re over 18, you’ve gone too far to make yourself look younger. There is a pervasive myth that shaving your pubic hair makes your equipment look bigger. It’s just wishful thinking and the visual effect is quite the opposite. Loss of pubic hair is also associated with old age and poor heath, so shaving can exaggerate this in older men. About the only thing you can do to increase the size is keep it warm, so your grandfather’s boxers are out. Cotton underwear is warmer, breathes and wicks moisture better, so avoid synthetics. If you still must shave, keep this region dry and clean as the damaged hair shafts will likely result in an unattractive infection of folliculitis, which takes about 2 weeks to clear up.

  2. I’m 70 years old, and have been shaved since shortly after I started growing pubic hair. It was unusual back then, but a few others were also shaved.
    I shave nearly every time I bathe. I always shave in the direction of hair growth, and never have ingrown hairs. I do feel a very short stubble, and consider it a good trade off for no ingrown hairs. The stubble is short enough to be unnoticeable to others, unless they touch.

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